Import / Export of All Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables

Green Cell Foodstuff specializes in fresh produce imports and exports. Our primary goal is to offer only the highest quality products and services. We provide a wide selection of import and export services on fruits and vegetables.  Our services are customized to the various needs of our corporate clients. Green Cell Foodstuff’s objective is a reflection of our dedication to meeting quality standards.

  • Products and services that are in accordance with rules and serve the customers.
  • Purity, food standards, and transparency from the point of origin are all important considerations.
  • Environmental management and long-term sustainability
  • Quality is always being improved.
  • A competitive workforce as a result of a tailored training plan.

Organicaa Foodstuff is among the largest independent enterprises in the Emirates, aiming to become the most well-known firm in the import, export, and supply of fruits and vegetables. Organicaa Foodstuff has been in this field of business for years.

Import/Re-Export of Fruits & Vegetables

Green Cell Foodstuff is an international trading firm that focuses on importing and re-exporting cattle feed. As a business partner, we can offer you a wealth of expertise in marketing and distribution of your products and services. If you’re a manufacturer or a distributor of cattle food and want to establish or extend your product’s presence in the global trade market, we can help. If you really are seeking a certain item or brand from another country, we can assist you.

Import/Re-Export of Maida and Rice

UAE is the primary re-export route to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. While these countries cannot import Maida and rice in mass, Green Cell Foodstuff can pack and load Maida and rice containers / trucks to these countries in a highly efficient manner through our facilities in Dubai.

Green Cell Foodstuff imports and exports Maida and rice in mass at decent prices to the Dubai market, where they have been examined for freshness and quality, repacked, and readied for re-export to specific clients based on their requirements. Personalized orders might include a variety of goods in a shipment.

This has been our specialty: specializing in blended loads of world-renowned goods which would otherwise be inaccessible to smaller distribution companies in other markets. Because

not all distribution companies have the capability to import a complete container load of a single item, they can profit from our service by importing a range of items in a single shipment.

Green Cell Foodstuff benefits from its Dubai location. Because Dubai is only a 3-4-day transit from India and Pakistan, vendors can reap the benefits of the short commute time by importing produces that are in increasingly scarce in their food markets instead of importing from ‘produce growing countries’ such as the United States, New Zealand, China, and Africa, which can take more than a month to reach.

“Our biggest attribute is our versatility. We work with a team of talented, passionate, and motivated professionals that guarantee that our shipments are prompt and economical.”