Whatever your warehouse, logistics, and distribution requirements are, our worldwide presence and broad network ensures that we have facilities available to manage your supply chain, be it at origin or destination. When shipping, warehousing, and distribution are combined, you have a much more optimized end-to-end approach with less logistic service providers. You get efficiency, flexibility, and transparency by reducing complexity.

Organicaa Foodstuff provides purpose-fit warehousing, logistics, and distribution services to clients by administering and running personalized space for storage. Our global facilities are run by qualified staff who are supported by cutting-edge technological systems and use safe and purpose-built materials to handle your stock.

When it comes to storage, logistics, and distribution services, we consider if it is better to rent, purchase, or build. We assess the advantages of location, size, and design, taking into account your supply sources and delivery locations. Integrated warehouse, logistics, and distribution services, multi-principal warehousing services, and specialized single-principal warehouse solutions are among our bespoke solutions.

By providing integrated processes, we allow improved efficiency in warehousing, resulting in significant cost reductions for our clients. However, if the size, location, or complexity of your organization necessitates a customized solution, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to meet your requirements. We provide our clients with a simple solution that handles their logistical needs, allowing them to focus on other important parts of their business. We take pleasure in our exceptional customer service record and the services we provide to our clients.


Warehouse Services (Dry & Cold)

On top of all the essential activities, many businesses find storage and distribution to be too much to handle. If you’re having trouble managing your company’s storage and distribution, it’s time to call in the professionals. Green Cell Foodstuff is one of the most well-known warehousing, logistics, and distribution firms in the UAE, providing storage and distribution services to businesses ranging from startups to major multinationals. Green Cell Foodstuff relieves businesses of the burden of renting a warehouse, staffing it, installing it with equipment, and carrying out the activities with our warehousing and distribution services. Doing it yourself is both time-consuming and costly.

Logistics and Distribution Services (Dry & Cold)

Logistics and distribution is an important element of every business’ functioning. It is a critical component of the whole process in which consumers will be able to select preferred delivery options. It is a far broader concept than simply carrying your stuff. Outsourcing logistic and distribution services to Organicaa Foodstuff has been demonstrated to be a wise decision for organizations looking to optimize operations, increase efficiency, reduce risks, and save time and money. Organicaa Foodstuff provides logistics and distribution services that satisfy the needs of nearly every industry. Our facilities are permitted to store your goods, raw materials, and completed goods.

  • Certified cold storage warehouses
  • Certified and Computerized warehouses
  • Delivery of orders
  • Adapted and developed collection to optimize the functioning of our clients’ supply chain.
  • Expiration control
  • Quarantine Management
  • Stock Management
  • Validated processes and systems in accordance with GMP, GDP, and FDA standards.
  • Warehouses with temperature and humidity control.